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Protiggya Parishad Comilla

PPBD Newsflash 1 PDF Print

PP Bd News Flash 1, Here we can put some latest news.. Protiggya Parishad is a non-governmental, non-political, social organization working in Comilla district of Bangladesh to increase the marginalised groups' capacity for self competency and to build up their capacity to influence the decision making processes in the family and nearby villages.

Protiggya Parishad use non-formal life oriented education among the underprivileged youths, women and men, to make them as opinion leaders in decision making process so that they can work spontaneously, out of social responsibility, as change agent. In the process, PP will contribute in creating a humane and active civil society keeping the cross-cutting issues of development in mind such as good governance, gender, human rights, health and environment. PP will contribute in eradicating poverty, both physical and mental.
Protiggya Parishad ensures community participation in its all activities involving local government, local administration and people from all segments. PP believes that the power lies within people.
With a committed work force, strong partnership and network, PP strives to make positive social changes by complementing the national and UN’s policies.